Jack Hagerty

Jack is a consulting engineer to the semiconductor and medical equipment industries, his current assignments involving both plasma etchers and plasma separators.He founded ARA Press to publish and distribute Spaceship Handbook, but is more than happy to let Apogee take over those tasks for The Saucer Fleet. Now maybe the next one won’t take six years! After Spaceship Handbook, people began to get the idea that he might know something about the subject. He’s been interviewed multiple times on the Sci-Fi interview webcast “Hour 25” and on the SETI Institute’s “Are We Alone” program to comment on the eve of SpaceshipOne’s historic first flight. On the occasion of publishing The Saucer Fleet, he’s been warned that he’ll now have lots of “friends” in the saucer community whether he wants them or not!

Broadcast 1123 (Special Edition)

Guests: Jack Hagerty, Jon Rogers. Topics: Flying saucers in film and popular culture, science fiction, flying discs. Authors Jack Hagerty and Jon Rogers were the guests for this program to discuss their newly published book by Apogee, "The Saucer Fleet." As we started the discussion, the first order of business was to define flying saucer for the book and our discussion as "an aircraft or spacecraft with planar-circular wings that resembles a disc. 2) Any artwork or hardware made to indicate an aircraft or spacecraft that is shaped like a disk" as stated on Page iv of the book.

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