Guenter Wendt

Broadcast 1117 (Special Edition)

Guest: Guenter Wendt. Topics: Flight crew safety, space tourism, Shuttle, Ares 1 & 5, safety checklists, STEM education, technical training & items. Guenter Wendt was our guest today to talk about the new release of the paperback version of his book published by Apogee, "The Unbroken Chain." As Mr. Wendt was the man in charge of flight crew safety for all manned missions, he outlined safety protocols, what was involved in maintaining safety, and the use of lists detailing credible events that could happen and then what they would do if one of those things did happen.

Broadcast 177 (Special Edition)

Guenter Wendt, the guest on this Space Show program, is the author of "The Unbroken Chain" and was the pad leader during Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs. Mr. Wendt talked about his experiences with our space program, what he perceives to be the problems with today's space program and how best to move forward with a revised space program for the United States and the world. Mr. Wendt also talked about the importance of education and making sure that those still in school know that they can have solid opportunities for working and developing space programs and being in space. Mr.

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