Grant Blaisdell

A serial entrepreneur with strong experience in blockchain, digital media, and space, Grant began his first startup at the age of 19 with a focus on new media platforms. This got him into blockchain in 2013, after which he Co-Founded the blockchain analytics and regtech company Coinfirm in 2015. 

As Co-Founder & CMO for almost 5 years, Grant worked with some of the largest companies in crypto and helped build the Coinfirm brand and product into a global leader in its market. Representing 3 generations in space, Grant created Copernic Space to solve fundamental needs that he, his Co-Founder, and other entrepreneurs in the space economy were facing. Building on his experience and track record of successfully applying blockchain technology to create complex solutions,
Grant is creating the economic infrastructure for space while fulfilling his grandfather’s writings to democratize access. 

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