George Tyson

George Tyson, CEO of Orbital Commerce Project, Inc. George Tyson is a longtime supporter of the commercial use of space. His first experience with a space program occurred in college where he was part of the cooperative education (co-op) program working with NASA as an engineer in the Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) Operations Department. He worked on the first two shuttle flights (STS-1,STS-2) and it was while working with NASA that he realized that a program that truly utilized space would have to be commercial and not government. George was a Director within Space Frontier Operations, Inc. (SFO) for over 6 years helping them develop a space commercialization plan. The plan was all-inclusive in that it specified no reliance on government programs, equipment or sites. All vehicles, launch sites and space assets were to be privately owned for commercial purposes. It was during this time that George presented papers at the 38th and 39th Space Congress in Cape Canaveral on privately funded space programs. In 2002 George resigned his directorship within SFO to pursue other avenues within the private space realm. This included co-authoring a book entitled “Other Worlds: A Guide to Privately Financed Space Programs and Space Activists in the U.S.” and the founding of Orbital Commerce Project (OCP) a company dedicated to training personnel for the commercial human spaceflight industry.

Broadcast 344 (Special Edition)

George Tyson, CEO of Orbital Commerce Project, Inc. (OCP), was the guest for this edition of The Space show. OCP is dedicated to training personnel for the commercial human space flight industry and this is the subject of this show. Mr. Tyson spoke about both the pilot training programs and the payload specialist training programs. He pointed out how he was working with the FAA to establish pilot flight training qualifications and programs similar to what exist now within the FAA and earning a pilots license. Mr.

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