Frederick Ordway III

Frederick Ordway, III, science educator, consultant, researcher, writer; b. NYC, Apr. 4, 1927; s. Frederick Ira and Frances Antoinette (Wright) O.; m. Maria Victoria Arenas, Apr. 13, 1950; children: Frederick Ira IV, Albert James, Aliette Marisol. SB, Harvard U., Cambridge, Mass., 1949; postgrad., U. Alger, 1950, U. Paris, France, 1950-51, 53-54, U. Barcelona, Spain, 1953, U. Innsbruck, Austria, 1954, Air U., 1952-63, Alexander Hamilton Bus. Inst., 1952-58, Indsl. Coll. Armed Forces, 1953-63; DSc (hon.), U. Ala., 1992. Various geol., engineering. positions Mene Grande Oil Co., San Tome, Venezuela, 1949-50, Orinoco Mining Co., Cerro Bolivar, Venezuela, 1950, Reaction Motors, Inc., Lake Denmark, NJ, 1951-53; with guided missiles divsn. Republic Aviation Corp., 1954-55; pres. Gen. Astronautics Rsch. Corp., Huntsville, Ala., 1955-59, 65-66; v.p. Nat. R & D Corp., Atlanta, 1957-59; asst. to dir. Saturn Systems Office, Army Ballistic Missile Agy., Huntsville, 1959-60; chief space info. systems br. George C. Marshall Space Flight Ctr. NASA, 1960-64; prof. sci. and tech. applications Sch. Grad. Studies and Rsch., U. Ala. Rsch. Inst., 1967-73; cons. Sci. and Tech. Policy Office, NSF, 1974-75; cons. ops. analysis divsn. Gen. Rsch. Corp., 1974-75; asst. to adminstr. ERDA, 1975-77, Dept. Energy, 1977-94, policy/internat. affairs dir. spl. projects office, cons., 1994–; also participant internat. energy devel. program Office of Asst. Sec. Internat. Affairs, Dept. Energy, 1978-79. Cons. to industry, Ency. Britannica, Am. Coll. Dictionary of English Lang., M.G.M. film 2001: A Space Odyssey, 1965-66, Paramount Picture Corp., The Adventurers , 1968-69; internat. lectr. space flight and energy programs. Author: (with C.C. Adams) Space Flight, 1958, (with Ronald C. Wakeford) International Missile and Spacecraft Guide, 1960, Annotated Bibliography of Space Science and Technology, 1962, (with J.P. Gardner, M.R. Sharpe, Jr.) Basic Astronautics: An Introduction to Space Science, Engineering and Medicine, 1962, (with Adams, Wernher von Braun) Careers in Astronautics and Rocketry, 1962, (with Gardner, Sharpe, R.C. Wakeford) Applied Astronautics: An Introduction to Space Flight, 1963, (with Wakeford) Conquering the Sun's Empire, 1963, Life in Other Solar Systems, 1965, (with Roger A. MacGowan) Intelligence in the Universe, 1966, (with W. von Braun) History of Rocketry and Space Travel, 1966, 1969, 1975, L'Histoire Mondiale de l'Astronautique, 1968, 70, (with W. von Braun) Rockets' Red Glare, 1976, (with C.C. Adams, M.R. Sharpe) Dividends from Space, 1972, Pictorial Guide to Planet Earth, 1975, (with W. von Braun) New Worlds, 1979, (with M.R. Sharpe) The Rocket Team, 1979, 2d edit., 2003, 3rd edit. 2007, (with F.C. Durant and R.C. Seamans) Between Sputnik and the Shuttle, 1981, (with E.M. Emme) Science Fiction and Space Futures, 1982, (with von Braun, Dave Dooling) Space Travel: A History, 1985, (with Ernst Stuhlinger) Wernher von Braun: Aufbrach in den Weltraum, 1992, Wernher von Braun: Crusader for Space (2 vols.), 1994, rev. 1996, single vol. edit., 1996, (with Randy Liebermann) Blueprint for Space, 1992, Visions of Spaceflight, 2001; editor: Advances in Space Science and Technology, vols. I-XII, 2 supplements, 1959-72, (with R.M.L. Baker, N.W. Makemson) Introduction to Astrodynamics, 1960, (with others) From Peenemünde to Outer Space, 1962, Astronautical Engineering and Science, 1963; mem. editl. bd.: IX Internat. Astronautical Congress procs., 2 vols, 1959, Xth Congress procs., 2 vols, 1960; guest editor: Acta Astronautica, 1985, 94, History of Rocketry and Astronautics, Vol. IX, 1989, Digital book Mars: Target for Tomorrow Microsoft Network & Internet, 1996; Co-developer of biographical film He Conquered Space, 1996, History of Astronautics Video, 1996, inter-active CD Rom, 1997, rev., 2001, interactive CD ROM and video versions) Mars: Past, Present, Future, 1998; contbr. articles to profl. jours., chpts. to books; organizer Blueprint for Space exhbn., 1991-95, US Space and Rocket Ctr., IBM Gallery of Sci. and Art, NASA Vis. Ctr., Houston, Spaceport USA, Cape Canaveral, Fla., Nat. Air and Space Mus., Washington, Va. Air and Space Ctr., Hampton exhibit Shaping The Vision exhibit Art Inst. Chgo., 2001, Bruce Mus. Art and Scis., Greenwich, Conn., 2001, Mus. Flight, Seattle, 2002, others. Served with USNR, 1945. Co-recipient diplôme d'honneur French Commn. d'Histoire, Arts et Letters, Paris, 1969, citation Arthur C. Clarke Found., 2005; commended for contbns. to US Space and Rocket Ctr., Ala. Space Sci. Exhibit, US Space Walk of Fame Found. Fellow: AAAS, AIAA (assoc.; history com. 1975–, internat. activities com. 1980–89, sel. com. hons. and awards 1996–, 2003 Centennial of Flight Ctr. 1998, Hermann Oberth award 1977, K.E. Tsiolkowski award 1988), Brit. Interplanetary Soc. (guest editor 1992–96); mem.: US Space and Rocket Ctr. (Saturn V rocket restoration com., mus. com., sci. adv. coun., co-chmn. explorer 50th anniversery celebration 2008, Legacy award 2008), Acta Astronautica (guest editor 1994, 1997), Eurasian Acad. Scis., Nat. Space Soc. (bd. dirs. 1986–95, publs. com. 1987–88, nominating com. 1990–92, awards com. 1992–, bd. govs. 1997–, Ctr. for Lunar Rsch. com. 1998–), Am. Astron. Soc. (Emme award 1994, Nat. Space Club award 1997), Internat. Acad. Astronautics (history of astronautics com. 1983–, space activities and soc. com. 1986–, peer rev. com. 1995–, Luigi Napolitano Lit. award 1992), Arthur C. Clarke Found. (bd. dirs. 2000–, commendation 2005), Washington Golf and Country Club, Harvard Club NY, Cosmos Club (bd. mgmt. 1986–91, v.p. 1988–90, award 2001). Achievements include donation of spaceflight, lunar & planetary astronomy & rocketry collection to the Centre Library & Archives of the US Space & Rocket Centre in Huntsville; Alabama consisting of more than 180 lots transferred from 1978 to the present; energy research & development collection & some spaceflight material to the M. Louis Salmon Library of the University of Alabama in Huntsville; space fiction collection to the Harvard College Library, Cambridge, Massachusetts & family material to the Dyer Library & Saco Museum, Saco, Maine. Home and Office: 2401 N Taylor St Arlington VA 22207-4021 also: 3423 Lookout Dr SE Huntsville AL 35801 Personal E-mail:

Broadcast 1303 (Special Edition)

Guest: Frederick Ordway. Topics: Space leadership, space policy, Wernher von Braun leadership as compared to space leadership today. Frederick Ordway III, author of "The Rocket Team," returned to discuss the release of the new Apogee edition of his book. His book is available on the One Giant Leap Foundation book page and if you buy it through this link,, Amazon makes a contribution to OGLF/The Space Show. In our first segment, Mr.

Broadcast 191 (Special Edition)

Frederick Ordway III was the featured guest for this Space Show program. We spoke extensively about Wernher von Braun and his Rocket Team, their work in Germany, their coming to the United States, and how they developed our space program. Mr. Ordway also discussed the space development and exploration visions for the future that von Braun is known for, and suggested solid reasons why as a nation we did not move forward to make those visions our nations reality, especially sending humans to Mars, staying on the Moon, lunar settlements, and more. Mr.

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