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Frank Sietzen, author of the upcoming book "Go Fever: The Race to Build the Reusable and Affordable Rocket" returns to The Space Show. Mr. Sietzen is also columnist for three magazines and the internet site He was the first reporter to publish details of the Bush space policy process, including details of the planning for a return to the Moon. He is the former President of the Space Transportation Association and was Director of Communications for the National Space Society. He is the author of three previous books on space activities. He is also the Washington, DC representative for SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corp.). We will be discussing the possible new Bush space policy program and much more.

Broadcast 928 (Special Edition)

Guest: Frank Sietzen was our guest on today's show to talk about his upcoming new book, "The Astronaut and the Fireman" and NASA spin-off technology, specifically the NASA City and Hope interactive feature on the NASA website portal. (Please visit and click on "NASA Home and City.") Mr. Sietzen drove home the point of the benefits we receive daily which were the result of NASA and its programs, both manned and scientific.

Broadcast 813 (Special Edition)

Frank Sietzen returned to The Space Show for this special program. Frank brought us up to date regarding the VSE in a comprehensive discussing ranging from the technical and the engineering to the policy and educational components needed for the VSE to be successful. Many listeners participated in this discussion which is a must listen to show. Frank detailed the budget aspects of the VSE and the state of our nation and brought them both together so we could understand what supporters of the VSE are facing in the coming election.

Broadcast 290 (Special Edition)

Frank Sietzen joined us today for a special program updating us on four important developments. These developments included the announcement that NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe had resigned, that virtually all of the requested NASA budget was approved, new details for the CEV were starting to be made public, and the passage by Congress of HR 5382. We began the discussion asking Frank for his thoughts on HR 5382 and he is supportive of the legislation. He clearly states why during the interview and does not believe that AST or anyone else will over regulate this new industry.

Broadcast 240 (Special Edition)

Frank Sietzen and Keith Cowing, authors of the newly released book, “New Moon Rising: The Making of America's New Space Vision and the Remaking of NASA,” were the guests for this Space Show program. Frank and Keith talked extensively about their new book which delves into the behind the scenes making of the new space policy initiative proposed by President Bush in January of this year.

Broadcast 176 (Special Edition)

Frank Sietzen returned as a Space Show guest to discuss the new space policy being talked about and promoted that President Bush is likely to announced within the next few weeks. Mr. Sietzen goes into great detail regarding the history of the talked about policy, who in the Bush administration is supporting and promoting it, and what it is likely to contain. He also talks at great length about the timing of the policy and the importance of it to the Bush Administration, Congress, NASA, and the American people. In addition, toward the end of the program, Mr.

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