Eva-Jane Lark

Eva-Jane Lark is a Vice-President and Investment Advisor with BMO Nesbitt Burns, one of Canada’s largest full-service investment firms. For over 20 years, she has provided expert advice on a wide variety of investment and wealth management issues. In 2003, Ms. Lark revived her childhood passion for seeing humanity live and thrive beyond Earth. Researching the state of the space industry, she began to consider how to contribute to such a future by taking a more active role. She has presented papers at space conferences, starting with the Investment Financing of Exploration. In that effort, she took a probing look at how historical journeys of exploration had been funded, discovering a number of parallels facing the space exploration community today. She has been invited as a speaker and panelist to discuss topics including: financing for new space companies and markets; business accelerators; business case issues facing Space-based Solar Power as a future energy source; and for her insights as a keen observer of the emerging new space industries. She was among the contributors to the Pentagon’s Space-Based Solar Power Architecture Study in 2007, with her work featured as the study’s central business case analysis. Ms. Lark is a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute and holds an Honors Bachelors Degree in Commerce. She is a member of the Management Advisory Board for the Center for Space Power at Texas A&M University.

Broadcast 1066 (Special Edition)

Guest: Eva-Jane Lark was the guest host for this special Space Show and I was the guest that Ms. Lark interviewed. Eva-Jane started out asking me about my initial interest in space. Listen to what I said about my interest starting at a very early age. Eva-Jane did a stellar job in drawing me out in detailed responses to very good questions on many subjects ranging from business planning and development issues, to some personal issues and financial issues regarding The Space Show, and my goals and objectives with The Space Show.

Broadcast 979 (Special Edition)

Guest: Eva-Jane Lark was the guest for this special Space Show program. Given Eva-Jane's financial and investment expertise (see her website bio below), we began our discussion with the historic approach used to finance major exploration efforts, eventually moving forward in time and extrapolating to space. Ms. Lark has a terrific paper on this subject which I am able to send to listeners, or since it is available on the web, you might find it using Google.

Broadcast 711 (Special Edition)

Paul Eckert, Tom Olson & Eva-Jane Lark were the guests for this Space Show program to discuss the recently held Space Investment Summit (http://www.spacecommerceroundtable.com/upcoming.html). This program focused on the Summit but also on space investment and space commerce. We noted many of the positive changes that have taken place over time, the quality of those attending this particular conference, speakers and presenters which can be found on the above referenced website, and the timing for such a summit.

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