Erika Lishock

Erika Lishock is a Satellite Systems Engineer with consulting firm ISYS Technologies and a freelance writer on space history. She has co-authored numerous articles with Matt Bille on the topic of space since 1997 and is currently working with the Missile Defense Agency's Space Experimentation Center on the Near Field Infrared Experiment (NFIRE) research satellite.

Broadcast 802 (Special Edition)

Erika Lishock and Matt Bille joined Space Show listeners for this special Space Show program as part of Sputnik Week on The Space Show. We started this discussion by exploring the meaning of the Sputnik anniversary for this time in 2007, from a global perspective as well as from the American point of view. We spent much time during the program discussing various lessons learned and what we should have learned from Sputnik and the early days of the space race and how such lessons can and should be applied to what we are doing in space today.

Broadcast 260 (Special Edition)

Matt Bille and Erika Lishock were the guests on this edition of The Space Show to discussion the early space history of both the United States and the USSR. Their new book, "The First Space Race," documents the contest between the two super powers to launch the world's first satellite. During the program we learned about the hidden facts and side of Sputnik, Vanguard, the U.S. Army and Navy programs and competition, and the little known Notsnik satellite program.

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