Eduardo Jezierski

Eduardo works at InSTEDD building technologies for health, development and crisis response. He and his team work with doctors and social workers to provide technologies that scale down into the hands of semi-literate health workers in rural villages of SE Asia, deploy collaboration and coordination platforms for responders and search and rescue teams, and build and train local teams of engineers to accelerate the cycle of invention and deployment - build focal points for local innovation and appropriate design. Eduardo has spent his career designing, implementing and deploying software solutions on a global scale. He originally received an MsC in Informatics after initial work in nuclear engineering, and has worked on GIS analysis, machine learning and modeling for anthropology challenges -including robotics control, genetic algorithms and neural networks. He spent nine years at Microsoft as a Program Manager and Architect -including working with the office of the Chief Software Architect on starting up new product lines. Eduardo recently returned from Haiti where his team worked with Thomson Reuters foundation, the Red Cross, and local media providing information services for those who need it most - the survivors of the earthquake. More about the work can be seen here:

Broadcast 1330 (Special Edition)

Guest: Eduardo Jezierski. Topics: Emergency and disaster relief and the roll of space resources. Our guest today, Eduardo Jezierski of InSTEDD ( talked with us about disaster and emergency relief around the world, how technology is used, brought into remote areas, and the role space resources plays in bringing help to the areas that have been hit by a disaster such as Haiti with the recent earthquake.

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