Ed Tate

Dr. Edward Tate is the CTO & co-founder of Virtus Solis Technologies which is commercializing space based solar power. Since its founding, Virtus Solis developed tools and hardware to make energy cheaper and more abundant by generating where its cheap and beaming power where its needed. In 2022, Virtus Solis won the Level 2 - Stage 1 NASA “Watts on the Moon” Challenge with a design for beaming wireless power across the lunar surface. In 2023, Virtus Solis demonstrated the largest end-to-end, electronically steered wireless power transfer across and football field in Indianapolis.


Dr. Tate earned his masters degree from Stanford and PhD from the University of Michigan. He is a prolific inventor with more than 40 issued patents. He has 30+ years of experience with transportation & energy systems. His career started as an engineer on the EV1, GM’s first commercial electric vehicle. After 20 years in automotive, he moved to scientific software. At Exa and then Dassault Systèmes he led global teams focused on replacing physical testing with simulation at many of the largest automotive, aerospace, and industrial organizations. Throughout, he helped speed up development and reduce costs by orders of magnitude so new ideas became reality faster and cheaper. He is focused on doing the same with space based solar power.

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