Dr. Steve Harrington

Dr. Steve Harrington is the founder of Flometrics where he is a senior engineer/researcher and CEO. His duties include overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company as well as provide his engineering and scientific expertise to projects contracted to the company. Steve has more than 20 years of experience in the field of applied mechanics. His skill sets include an extensive knowledge of fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, propulsion, electronics and data acquisition. Dr. Harrington has consulted for the aerospace, semiconductor, medical device, racing and other industries. He also is a part time faculty at San Diego State University where he teaches fluid dynamics, undergraduate and advanced thermodynamics, rocket propulsion and engineering design. Prior to starting Flometrics, Dr. Harrington worked for Unisys, Rohr and Puritan-Bennett as an engineer specializing in fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and heat transfer.

Broadcast 1418 (Special Edition)

Guests: Josh Hopkins; Larry Price; Steve Harrington. Topics: Near Earth Asteroids, Orion Crew Capsule, space policy, aerospace engineering, academics, turbo pumps, pistonless pumps. This Space Show program consists of three interviews back to back separated by about ten plus seconds of silence. Josh Hopkins was interviewed on Tuesday, August 31, Larry Price was interviewed on Wednesday, Sept. 1, and Steve Harrington was interviewed on Thursday, Sept. 2. As you will hear, the Harrington interview was a change of pace and topic discussion from the first two interviews.

Broadcast 1323 (Special Edition)

Guest: Joe Cardin; Dr. Steve Harrington. Topics: space policy, workforce issues, marketing, customers. During our initial segment, our guest, Joe Cardin of VACCO Industries provides us with a unique perspective regarding the impact associated with the new space policy budget proposals announced Feb. 1 of this year. Mr. Cardin brings to our discussion a new and different set of perspectives and possible outcomes. Our discussion covered many topics from the cost of manufacturing space certified hardware to the market saying it wants something else, especially something cheaper.

Broadcast 1015 (Special Edition)

Guests: Diane Murphy, VP of Marketing and Communications, and Max Vozoff, Senior Mission Manager, both for SpaceX, were the guests for the first segment of this AIAA Space 2008 program in San Diego, CA. We start this first segment talking with Diane about the new developments with SpaceX and her joining the company as VP of Marketing and Communications. We then turned our focus to Max to talk with us about Falcon 1, Falcon 9, Dragon, and COTS. Max answered many technical questions and provided us with much information.

Broadcast 937 (Special Edition)

Guests: Steve Harrington, Flometrics, Inc., Dr. Pete Wordin, Dr. Buzz Aldrin, David King, NASA Ames Amateur Radio Club. This program consists of a recorded set of interviews starting first with Steve Harrington at the Responsive Space Conference #6. Following the Harrington interview, you will hear the set of recorded interviews from this year's Yuri's Night, April 12, 2008 at NASA Ames. During the Yuri's Night interviews, you will hear my mention of the less than stellar treatment of the media by new Yuri's Night media/press rules and systems.

Broadcast 476 (Special Edition)

Dr. Steve Harrington was the guest for this Space Show program. We began the interview with an introduction to Dr. Harrington's company, Flometrics and the basics of his innovative pistonless pump for rocket engines. We spent considerable time discussing rocket fuel pumps including this new type of pump being built by Flometrics and you will want to hear the discussion. After hearing Dr. Harrington, you will have a much better sense of some of the unspoken obstacles that prevent new and innovative ideas from being tested, flown, financed, etc. Dr.

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