Dr. Siegfried Janson

Dr. Siegfried Janson is a senior scientist in the Micro/Nanotechnology Department at the Aerospace Corporation. He obtained a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from Cornell University in 1984, was a post-doctoral associate at Cornell from 1984 to 1987, and joined the Aerospace Corporation in 1987 to pursue experimental research in electric thrusters for spacecraft. Dr. Janson’s current research interests are microthrusters, micro/nanoelectromechanical systems for spacecraft, nano/pico/femtosatellites, formation flying and distributed space systems. He invented the silicon nanosatellite in 1989 and has published over 15 papers on their propulsion requirements, basic design issues, and orbital architecture. He has worked in the MEMS field for 15 years and authored or co-authored over 20 papers on microthrusters, MEMS for space applications, and silicon satellites. Dr. Janson has flown MEMS experiments on sounding rockets, nanosatellites, the Space Shuttle, and the International Space Station. He served on the National Research Council panel for the review of AFOSR propulsion proposals, the NRC Committee on Implications of Emerging Micro and Nano Technologies, and on the NRC Committee on Nanotechnology for the Intelligence Community. Dr. Janson chaired the SPIE “MEMS Components and Applications” conference in 2001, 2003, and 2004, and is co-editor of the book “Small Satellites: Past, Present and Future.” He is a member of the IEEE and a senior member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

Broadcast 1246 (Special Edition)

Guests: Dr. Henry Helvajian, Dr. Siegfried Janson. Topics: Small satellites, satellite history, present and future satellite technology, launch rate. We welcomed Dr. Henry Helvajian and Dr. Siegfried Janson, editors of "Small Satellites: Past, Present, and Future," to the program. This book is available from the One Giant Leap Foundation (OGLF) website at www.amazon.com/dp/1884989225?tag=onegialeafou-20. Remember, buying books through the OGLF Amazon partners page helps in supporting The Space Show.

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