Dr. Scott Horowitz

Dr. Scott Horowitz is a retired USAF Colonel and former astronaut. In September 2005 he returned to NASA as Associate Administrator for the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C. You can read his full bio, just visit www.jsc.nasa.gov/Bios/htmlbios/horowitz.html.

Broadcast 764 (Special Edition)

This is the first of two Mars Society interview programs from the 2008 Convention, August 30-September 2, 2007. For this program, there are three interviews. The first interview is with Dr. Scott Horowitz, the NASA Associate Administrator for Exploration. Dr. Horowitz was one of the keynote speakers for Friday, August 31 and in that address he did a comprehensive presentation regarding the NASA plan to take us back to the Moon and on to Mars.

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