Dr. Sam Dinkin

Sam Dinkin is just back from spending 3 months in India helping one of the cellular operators there buy billions of dollars of spectrum for 3G cell phone and WiMax internet service. Dr. Dinkin has been beating the drum for space commercialization since 2004 when he started writing for the Space Review. He was the founder of Space Shot which had memoranda of understandings with three suborbital and two orbital companies to offer flights as prizes including a flight for two around the Moon. Space Shot dissolved at the end of 2009 having awarded two Zero G flights. Dinkin has pledged to award a suborbital flight and will hold the drawing later this year. In addition to journalist and entrepreneur, he is a space investor, advocate, philanthropist and enthusiast. Since the last time he was on the show, he also captained the US contract bridge team that won a silver medal in Sao Paulo.

Broadcast 320 (Special Edition)

Dr. Sam Dinkin returned to The Space Show for this program. We began the interview by asking Sam about his space journalism prize and the creation of the Space Journalism Association. The prize has a deadline for submittals of the end of March 2005 so make sure you listen to this discussion and if you have a qualifying article, submit it before the deadline passes! We also talked about Dr. Dinkin's new business venture, SpaceShot, Inc., an opportunity that we are certainly all to hear more about as it develops over the near future.

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