Dr. Ron Fevig

Dr. Ron Fevig's background includes a B.A. and M.S. in Mathematics, M.S. in Space Studies, and Ph.D. in Planetary Sciences. He has not let academic pursuits get in the way of my education, though. While pursuing his Ph.D. he was heavily involved in a student satellite program that built two CubeSats. He also helped mentor two senior engineering design teams that designed high-altitude balloon payloads. He is currently a post-doctoral researcher and adjunct instructor at the University of North Dakota. In addition to his other responsibilities, he helps with high-altitude ballooning activities at this institution."

Broadcast 829 (Special Edition)

Dr. Ron Fevig and John Nordlie were the guests for this program which had as its primary topic for discussion the high-altitude balloon launch and payload program here at the University of North Dakota. In addition, note that this program originated from Leighton Broadcasting in Grand Forks, ND. Along with listener questions and answers from Ron and John, this is a comprehensive discussion of student high-altitude balloon programs. We discussed, costs, tracking, finding payloads, mass, types of payloads and much more.

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