Dr. Matt Colborn

Dr. Matt Colborn is a 35-year old UK resident, with an MSc. in cognitive science and a doctorate in experimental psychology. He is also a budding space artist, an artist member of the International Association for the Astronomical Arts, and an occasional writer of Science fiction. One of his short stories was featured in an anthology about space elevators. He has a blog, Cosmic Citizen (http://cosmic-citizen.blogspot.com/) , which amongst other things deals with space, astronomical and cosmological topics. Matt also does freelance writing and has co-written a chapter for the IAAA’s forthcoming 25th anniversary book celebrating space art. He says “I’ve been deeply interested in space, astronomy and the future all of my life, and am an enthusiastic amateur astronomer. My childhood interest in space was deflated somewhat in 1990, with the cancellation of plans for the US to go to Mars and the Moon. This put me off spaceflight for a long time. The situation with the Constellation program seems like history repeating itself!”

Broadcast 1189 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Matt Colborn. Topics: space art and illustration, science fiction, Space Cynics, NewSpace critiques & solutions. Dr. Matt Colborn joined us from the UK for this Space Show program. If you recall, Dr. Colborn posed a question on Space Cynics a few months past regarding the Cynics criticizing NewSpace without offering solutions to the problems they cited. The Cynics responded to Matt's comment by putting up on Cynics responses and The Space Show has featured programs focused on those responses.

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