Dr. ken Johnston

Dr. Johnston learned to fly in the US Marine Corps and in the 1960’s and was one of the five test pilots assigned to work with the astronauts during the Apollo Moon Program at NASA in Houston. His job was to help train the astronauts to fly the Lunar Module. He was one of the Test Conductors and became the Test Director of the TM-5 Lunar Module Training Vehicle that was used to train all the Lunar Mission Astronauts. In 1969, Mr. Johnston was responsible for controlling all the Data and Photographic information generated from the Lunar Missions. He has three BS degrees in Aviation and Aerospace Engineering, a Masters in Theology and his PhD. in Meta Physics. Now retired at the age of 60, Dr. Johnston raises miniature horses in New Mexico.

Broadcast 103 (Special Edition)

Dr. Ken Johnston, former NASA Apollo Program test pilot, is the guest for this program. Dr. Johnston discusses with The Space Show audience such issues as where we were in technology at the end of the Apollo program and where we should be today, the 'Brain Drain' at NASA after the 'Moon Program', the Space Station that could have been, space and it's affect upon Earth's Culture and in theology, and what the reality will be for getting a private-sector lunar mission successfully to the Moon based on what he knows had to have happened with Apollo.


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