Dr. John Klineberg

JOHN KLINEBERG is the former CEO of Swales Aerospace and retired president of Space Systems/Loral (SS/L). Before becoming president of SS/L, Dr. Klineberg served as executive vice president for Loral’s Globalstar program where he successfully led the development, production, and deployment of the Globalstar satellite constellation used for world-wide telephone services. Prior to joining Loral in 1995, Dr. Klineberg spent 25 years at NASA where he served in a variety of management and technical positions. He was the director of the Goddard Space Flight Center, director of the Lewis (now Glenn) Research Center, deputy associate administrator for Aeronautics and Space Technology at NASA Headquarters, and a research scientist at the Ames Research Center. Before beginning his career at NASA, he conducted fundamental studies in fluid dynamics at the California Institute of Technology and worked at the Douglas Aircraft Company and the Grumman Aircraft Company. Dr. Klineberg has a BS in engineering from Princeton University and an MS and PhD from the California Institute of Technology.

Broadcast 1236 (Special Edition)

Guests: Bob Dickman, Elliot Pulham, Dr. Scott "Doc" Horowitz, Frank Culbertson, Jim Muncy, Dr. John Klineberg. Topics: This program provided a comprehensive discussion of the Augustine Commission options for our human spaceflight program. This special program was produced by AIAA with help from The Space Show. Our panel members were with us for two hours (no break) to engage in an in-depth discussion of the Augustine Commission's "Review of U.S.

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