Dr. Jim Pass

Dr. Jim Pass received his Ph.D. in sociology in 1991 from the University of Southern California (USC) with a specialty in deviance. He became increasingly uninterested about the topic as he neared graduation. Being interested in both sociology and space exploration, he put the two together after reading Allen Tough’s web article entitled “Positive Consequences of SETI Before Detection” in which he made a comment about creating something called social astronomy or astrosociology. Dr. Pass immediately purchased the domain, Astrosociology.com and began the eight-month long development of the definition and purview of astrosociology. He is currently working full time toward the development of astrosociology; serves as consultant to 4Frontiers Corporation and on the editorial board of the journal Astropolitics. Progress in the development of astrosociology remains strong, though uneven due to the indifference and criticism of many of the entrenched leaders of the sociological community (who happen to control the national organization, the American Sociological Association (ASA)). Nevertheless, the Pacific Sociological Association (PSA), a large western regional organization, has allowed for two sessions. One session is strictly a panel comprised of astrosociological papers (including one by Dr. Albert Harrison). The second session will present Kathleen Connell’s film about the legacy of the Apollo program followed by a discussion. A third session, chaired by Dr. Marilyn Dudley-Rowley, will include a paper about the importance of bringing space into social science classrooms. Within the space community, we were successful in establishing the Astrosociology Working Group (AWG) within the AIAA. Kathleen and Marilyn were recent guests on The Space Show and are members of the AWG. Dr. Pass’ mission is to bring the social sciences into the space age (kicking and screaming) in an organized form that makes formal collaboration with the space community possible for the benefit of space exploration.

Broadcast 926 (Special Edition)

Guests: Dr. Jim Pass, Dr. Al Harrison, and Tom Gangale were the guests for today's Space Show program to discuss astrosociology and the social science role in space education as well as space development. We started our discussion with an update from Jim, Al, and Tom about their panel discussion at the recent Contact Conference, "Astrosociology and 21st Century Space Exploration." You will not want to miss this comprehensive, far reaching, and important discussion.

Broadcast 770 (Special Edition)

Mel Marsh and Dr. Jim Pass were guests today for an excellent discussion about astrosociology and the coming sessions on this topic at Space 2007 in Long Beach, CA. Jim and Mel gave us a comprehensive discussion on astrosociology and its importance to our developing a space-faring culture and economy. As a result of listener questions, the subject of academic bias was talked about, something both Mel and Jim have experienced.

Broadcast 654 (Special Edition)

Dr. Al Harrison and Dr. Jim Pass were the special guests for this Space Show program. We began our discussion by having Dr. Pass provide us with a working definition for the subject and field of astrosociology. We continued with this definition when we came back from the first break as Dr. Harrison shared some of his experiences with the discipline through his academic career. Listeners asked questions about sociological issues as well as human factors psychology issues regarding long term space flight, space settlements, and related issues.

Broadcast 466 (Special Edition)

Dr. Jim Pass was the guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Pass brings to our attention his unique area of special interest which is astrosociology. You can learn much more about this discipline at this website, www.astrosociology.com. Jim explained astrosociology during the show, talked about how to get more people interested in the sociology community and about the rapid growth the field is having in segments of the space community.

Broadcast 348 (Special Edition)

Dr. Jim Pass was the guest for today's Space Show. Dr. Pass, through his website www.astrosociology.com, is promoting the development of the field astrosociology for space development. As this subject is new to most of us, Dr. Pass began the interview with an in-depth explanation what astrosociology is about, its origin, and most importantly, its significance for our space development program, both public and private. Dr.

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