Dr. James D. Burke

Dr. James D. Burke is a retired JPL lunar settlement and exploration expert. Dr. Burke graduated from Caltech in 1945, became a US Naval Aviator, returned to Caltech for graduate work in Aeronautics, then joined JPL in 1949. After JPL's transfer from US Army to NASA auspices, Burke participated in early US lunar programs, becoming Project Manager of Ranger, the first American effort to land operating instruments on the Moon. Burke was succeeded, after five Ranger failures, by his Caltech classmate and fellow navy flyer H.M. Schurmeier, under whose leadership Ranger, after one more in-flight failure, came through to full success. In subsequent years at JPL Burke participated in many other lunar, planetary and astrophysical projects while, in addition, being a member of the human-powered flight team that won the Kremer Prizes and joining the faculty of the International Space University. Burke's main professional interest continues to be in the exploration and settlement of the Moon.

Broadcast 189 (Special Edition)

Dr. Angie Bukley returned to The Space Show and Dr. Jim Burke made his first appearance on the program in today's edition. We discussed the space policy initiative submitted by President Bush, the push to the Moon and Mars by nation's other than the United States, what the Moon has to offer and much more. We discussed space access, the best use for the International Space Station, the International Space University, China and its policy, and why we should be returning to the Moon. Dr. Bukley also talked about LaGrange points, both Dr. Bukley and Dr.

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