Dr. J. J. Hurtak

The Academy For Future Science (AFFS), a UN NGO (non-government organization) associated with ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council). He is also a member of the Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) and the United Nations Committee for Sustainable Development. He has published in several journals including the Annuals of Air and Space Law (McGill University), regarding future manned missions to Mars and other celestial bodies focusing on preserving the environments in space. He has also published papers with the American Astronautical Society and The Mars Society. In environmental studies he was a speaker at the UN WSSD (World Summit for Sustainable Development) in Johannesburg, 2002. In 2005 he was an invited speaker to the Law School at the Northeast University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, on space law and safeguarding non-renewable resources. He has earned two Ph.Ds, one from the University of California, and one from the University of Minnesota. An internationally respected social scientist, Dr. Hurtak was Professor at the California State University of Northridge, Cal State Los Angeles. He has spoken at major universities in Europe, South Africa, South America and the United States, and has spoken before the Russian Academy of Science and the Chinese Academy of Science. He has worked throughout his career to promote clean water, new technologies and environmental habitats. At TMAC (Technology Marketing Analysis, San Francisco) as a director in the 1980s, he helped sponsor RETSIE (Renewable Energy Technology Symposiums), bringing together over a thousand engineers, scientists and representatives of industry to exchange information on renewable energy technology. He also worked for Lasertech (Brazil) to study the Brazilian Amazon and Cellinite Technologies to improve water quality throughout the state of New York.

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