Dr. Ellen Stofan

Dr. Ellen Stofan is a planetary geologist who has conducted research on the geology of volcanic and tectonic features on Venus, Mars, Titan, and Earth. While an employee of JPL she was Chief Scientist on NASA’s New Millennium Program and Deputy Project Scientist on the Magellan Mission to Venus. She is currently Senior Research Scientist at Proxemy Research and Honorary Professor of Earth Sciences at University College London.

Broadcast 1069 (Special Edition)

Guests: Dr. Tom Jones and Dr. Ellen Stofan were the guests for this program to discuss their new book, "Planetology: Unlocking The Secrets Of The Solar System." We started our discussion with Drs. Jones and Stofan telling us how they got together and collaborated on this book which contains 250 unique color photographs plus an equal amount of exciting and informative text.

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