Dr. Eleanor O'Rangers

Dr. Eleanor O'Rangers received her doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Maryland in 1990. In addition to her full-time Eleanor A. O’Rangers received her doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Maryland in 1990. In addition to her full-time job responsibilities, Dr. O’Rangers also serves as a Civilian Pharmacist Specialist for the Curriculum and Examination Board, US Special Operations Command, Department of Defense. Additionally, Dr. O’Rangers maintains an active interest in microgravity pharmacokinetics/dynamics and has lectured on the subject. She is a contributor to the National Space Society’s publication, Ad Astra, writing on space medicine and pharmacology-related topics. She has also organized three space medicine program tracks and two space medical emergency simulations for the National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference. Dr. O’Rangers has also served as a Workgroup Leader for Space Medicine Issues for the Society. Dr. O’Rangers serves as a pharmacology member of the Nutrition and Clinical Care Integrated Projects Team at NASA-Johnson Space Center, whose mission is to provide non-agency perspective on pharmacology and nutrition research needs for the U.S. Manned Spaceflight Program. Dr. O’Rangers has been involved in the development of monographs on Space Shuttle and International Space Station medications, and most recently was involved in the integration of these monographs into clinical therapeutic pathways that may be used by NASA Flight Surgeons to guide pharmacotherapeutic selections for astronauts. Other activities Dr. O’Rangers had been involved in include serving as a guest editor for an issue of the Journal of Pharmacy Practice. The issue contained several articles under the theme of “Space Medicine and Therapeutics.” Additionally, Dr. O’Rangers co-presented a paper on “Civilian Selection for Space Tourism Flights: Medical Guideline Evolution Over the Next Century” at the IAA Humans in Space Symposium in May, 2003 along with her colleague, Linda Plush, FNP. In January 2004, Dr. O’Rangers and Linda Plush served as volunteer “flight surgeons” for two crew rotations to the Mars Society Desert Research Station, providing e-mail medical support to personnel on-site. Dr. O’Rangers also volunteers twice monthly as docent at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

Broadcast 328 (Special Edition)

Linda Plush and Dr. Eleanor O'Rangers of the Space Nursing Society were the guests for this program. They spoke about various aspects and details of human factors affecting space travel. This discussion ranged from factors that impact well-trained astronauts to the factors most likely going to impact the average space tourist. These factors include space sickness, acceleration problems, medicines, female reproductive issues, bone issues, possible mental issues and lots more.

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