Dr. Doug Haynes

Dr. Doug Haynes became the youngest African American to own and operate a FAA certified third wave airline company in the Colorado try-state region back in the mid 90’s. He is the only person in the world to have built and registered a real flying saucer shaped space craft with the FAA department while in pursuit of a spaceline operator’s certification with its AST division as depicted above. Dr. Haynes began designing and building both conventional aircraft and flying saucers at the age of six primarily because his father and brothers were highly skilled model aircraft builders and operators. Dr. Haynes obtained his first official FAA certification / training as an aircraft and powerplant technician at the age of 18, while attending Spartan School of Aeronautic in 1974. During this same time frame Dr. Haynes started rebuilding and flying Spartan owned Cessna 150 aircraft at one of the local drag stripes converted into and tinny airport as located near his school. Du to this duality of busy work Haynes eventually went on to  become the youngest FAA certified tri-state pilot / aircraft technician. After graduating at the age of 19 as Spartans first black student to succeed, Dr. Haynes came back to his home state of Colorado to begin working on such task as his undergraduate aerospace science degree at MSCD, mechanical work on a verity of general aviation aircraft,  intuition of  his first aviation  company, and the building of  his very own flying saucer, called the Haynes Saucer. While enrolled full time in MSCD College, via an athletic track and field awarded scholarship agreement  began to expand his formal knowledge of aerospace science. Thanks to God Dr. Haynes also gained the opportunity to work on, and fly small, high speed, and high altitude traversing aircraft such as, GA trainers, commuter airliners, and even corporate jets. He accomplished this goal by gaining full-time employment with the number one rated FBO Company in the world named Combs Gates Lear-jet. It was at this company that Dr. Haynes first began developing and testing the ideals/hardware needed to further power his Haynes Saucer. By the age of 24 Dr. Haynes not only acquire his first BS degree in the field of aerospace science management, but he also found himself establishing a flight school out of his flight clubs original foundation. As his aeronautical educational institution turned into a successful business Dr. Haynes went on to successfully graduate from Columbine Pacific University. This was accomplished by perusing both his masters and Ph. D degrees in aeronautical engineering and aerospace science (advanced management protocols) respectfully. By 1986 Dr. Haynes had become a two year experienced CEO of his own aviation training corporation, as listed under the name Blue Ridge Flight Center. In the mid 1990’s, after working for several major passenger and cargo airlines like Frontier, International, Continental, United, Ryan, and even Nigeria Airways, Dr. Haynes became a FCC certified avionic technician, a college professor, a masters instructed, and even a FAA designated maintenance examiner (DME). If all this was not enough Dr. Haynes also found a means of successfully reconverted his aviation company into a FAA certified, 135 air-carrier / airline operation at FTG airport. Once certified to operate, across the skies of America and elsewhere around the world, his passenger and haz-mat cargo certified company went on to accumulate one of the safest flight records in history. Dr. Haynes and his airline management team stared out flying a verity of payloads across the airways of Colorado's deep blue skies on behalf of its profitable ski markets. Eventually sister operations such as Sound flight and United airlines help him grow his operation. With the invent of his Haynes Saucer, by 2003 Dr. Haynes had initiated the transition of his Blue Ridge Airline operation into the world first / safest spaceline company, as posted here at www.blueridgeairlines.com.  This was accomplished by finalizing the core design work on his Star-trek looking, full size flying saucer shaped spacecraft via his aerospace manufacturing operation named DEHAS Inc as posted here, www.bluenebula.com.  

This was the same basic Haynes Saucer design that he had been prototyping for years. Only now Dr. Haynes Flying Saucer had been registered with the FAA for over three years via the category of a single engine land rated, fix wing aircraft. In concert with finalizing the design work on the Haynes Saucer Dr. Doug also began working on his second master / Ph, D. degrees in the fields of business (HR) management and advanced educational/ research at the University of Phoenix. The work associated with these two advanced education degrees worked to helped Dr. Haynes convert his scholarly referenced manuscript from his first Ph. D program into a five book pantheon sires lik business plan to civilian space transportation. This literary published project was entitled The “Third Wave Galactic Airlines, and features the establishment of a solar system spaceline navigation route system as posted on his company’s web page at www.blueridgeairlines.com. In 2006 Dr. Haynes and his Blue Ridge Nebula Airline management team applied for an AST RLV certification in Washington DC, thereby becoming the first US certified airline management team of the 20th century to do so. In the mid 2000’s Dr. Haynes successfully entered and competed well in both the original X-Prize race and the less publicized Bigalow America Space Prize race. This was accomplished by Dr. Haynes becoming the first to fly a craft in free space. His spacecraft host state-of-the-art features such as 360 degree bubble window viewing opportunity’s, family-sized, twin parachute aided, ejection pods, artificial /anti gravity generating platforms, and even an secrete “all green” emissions powerplant package. This is the state-of-the-art case since the S-VTOL Haynes Saucer is powered by plasma drive technology. Dr. Haynes expects to go orbital in his Star-trek / Star-wars, USO / UFO looking ship just after its AST FAA certification endeavors are completed. The S-VTOL nine passenger Haynes Saucer spaceship behaves just like a typical airliner since it host 30 minute ground servicing turnaround time-frames from space. Unlike his competitors Dr. Haynes Saucer does not need launching apparatus such as completed launching pads, costly mother-ships, or cumbersome air-balloons. Though many of his fellow competitors have giving up over the decades Dr. Haynes and his starline management team are focused on advancing the Haynes Saucer project into follow-on projects such as his Haynes hover craft, and Jetter flying car. Not only is the Haynes Saucer currently being serviced by the world’s first civilian spaceport, called FTG it will soon be docking with a host of artificial gravity generating / rotating space-stations as positioned across the heavens.  Dr. Haynes, his starline management team, and their DEHAS Inc space colonization support manufacturing membership all believe that his Haynes Saucer craft is the most advanced and safest airship every created in the history of the world. Dr. Haynes is looking forward to piloting it not only into suborbital /orbital space flight statues sooner then later, but to much deeper region of the solar system such as Venue, Mars, or Saturn at light speed and historical space transportation comfort.  We thank the space show team, its host, and  supporters for being the first to make us first since 2004.

Broadcast 2580

Guest: Dr. Doug Haynes. Topics: Blue Ridge Nebula Starline, Blue Ridge Airlines, Haynes Saucer, airline to Mars and more. Please direct all comments and questions regarding Space Show programs/guest(s) to the Space Show blog, http://thespaceshow.wordpress.com. Comments and questions should be relevant to the specific Space Show program. Written Transcripts of Space Show programs are a violation of our copyright and are not permitted without prior written consent, even if for your own use.

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