Dr. David Warmflash

Dr. David Warmflash is an astrobiologist, space medicine researcher, author, and also science advisor to the "Let's Rover the Moon" initiative that spun off recently from the Israeli SpaceIL organization. He was in the first cohort of NASA astrobiology postdoctoral trainees, served as a member of NASA’s Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter Science Definition Team, and has collaborated with The Planetary Society on three experiments that have flown a variety of small organisms in space, including radiation resistant bacteria, salt-loving archaea, and tardigrades (water bears). His new book, Moon: An Illustrated History; From Ancient Myths to the Colonies of Tomorrow (Sterling Press, 2019), chronicles the history of the Moon, from its birth 4.51 billion years ago, through its influence on human culture and on the emergence of science throughout history, and through its exploration in modern times


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