Dr. Daniel Bishop

Dr. Daniel Bishop has a U.S. military and intelligence agency background, having earned both his M.S. and his Ph.D through the Agency in the subject of "Cryptography and the Building Photonic Optical Neural-Net Quantum-Computers to Encode & Monitor All Communications." He has since left the government, having formed Global-Communications Systems, which includes among its unclassified projects, the Tornado-Vortex System designed to retrofit generators and turbines around the world to eliminate the operating costs. His company plans to have four communication blue-green laser geo-satellites in space within three years, a program identified as Nemesis which will greatly facilitate private space exploration and more. Dr. Bishop also established the North American Trading and Development Association which is based in Houston, Texas. This company uses over-the-edge optical technology involving geosynchronous satellites. Dr. Bishop believes that eventually this new trading system will be able to support and push advanced technology in applications for full human space exploration where problem solving and advancements will be essential for survival.


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