Dr. Clive Neal

Dr. Neal is a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering & Geological Sciences at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, where he specializes in igneous petrology and geochemistry. He has over 22 years of experience in working with lunar samples to unravel the history of the Moon through studying their petrography and geochemistry. Neal is also the director of the Notre Dame ICP-MS Analytical Facility and uses this facility to analyze bulk lunar samples (using solution ICP-MS) or their constituent phases (using laser ablation ICP-MS). His work with the NASA Lunar Science Institute will be to examine the bulk and mineral compositions of lunar impact melts in order to investigate their petrogenesis and place constraints on both the impactor(s) and target lithologies that would represent the earliest lunar crust. Further details of Neal's research and published papers can be found at his website.

Broadcast 1388 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Clive Neal. Topics: Lunar exploration, space vision and space policy. We welcomed Dr. Clive Neal who is the chair of NASAs Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG) to the show. Please visit their website at www.lpi.usra.edu/leag. In our fist segment, we started out talking about water on the Moon, how much and where. This discussion evolved into the vision for returning to the Moon and the need for a lunar exit strategy so we don't get bogged down and not go anyplace else in the solar system. Dr.

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