Dr. Charles Bourland

Charles Bourland, co-author of “The Astronaut’s Cookbook: Tales, Recipes, and More” comes to the show. Charles Bourland received his BS, MS, and Ph.D. from the University of Missouri at Columbia. His doctorate was in food science and nutrition. He began work at the Johnson Space Center in 1969 with Technology Inc, later Krug International, and now part of Wyle Labs. Dr. Bourland was involved in the food and package development for Apollo, Tektite, Skylab, Food for the Elderly program, Apollo-Soyuz, Shuttle, Shuttle/Mir, International Space Station, and planetary bases where crops will be grown and processed for food. He retired from NASA in December 1999 after 30 years of developing food systems for space. He was the subsystem manager for International Space Station food in the Flight Crew Support Division at the Johnson Space Center. His responsibilities included food and package development and advanced planning for International Space Station, and Advanced Life Support involving conversion of chamber grown crops to edible food. After retirement from NASA he worked part time as a consultant to the National Space Biomedical Research Institute which is headquartered at the Baylor College of Medicine and the Food Technology Commercial Space Center at Iowa State University for three years. During this time he also taught a course entitled “Living, Working, and Playing in Space” at the University of Houston, Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management. He received the Astronaut Silver Snoopy Award in 2000 and the University of Missouri Faculty Alumni Award in 2003. Charles Bourland and Gregory Vogt are authors of the new book “The Astronaut’s Cookbook” Springer 2009.

Broadcast 1295 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Charles Bourland. Topics: Astronaut food, space issues regarding food, nutrition, body waste, and more. Dr. Charles Bourland was our guest today regarding the book, "The Astronaut's Cookbook: Tales, Recipes, and More." Dr. Bourland co-authored the book with Gregory Vogt. This book is available through the One Giant Leap Foundation book page as an Amazon partner. You can order the book using www.amazon.com/dp/1441906231/ref=onegialeafou-20. In the first part of the program, Dr.

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