Dr. Carol Rosin

Dr. Carol Rosin is an expert on the militarization of space and transforming military space to commercial space, economic and job stimulation and more. Dr. Carol Rosin, President of the Institute for Cooperation in Space and President of the Space Preservation Trust Foundation is an award winning educator, international speaker, futurist, and author, the first woman executive in an aerospace defense industry. According to the “Military Space” publication, “Rosin is regarded to be the original political architect of the move to stop the SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) and ASATs (Anti-satellite weapons).” Carol helped linked the first two-way audio visual satellite communication in over 20 countries, first telemedicine experiments in Alaska and satellite educational programs throughout the U.S., and helped orchestrate the setting up of the first 5000 ground stations in India for education. Carol is a space and defense consultant and strategist, serves on many boards, advises leaders and has testified before the U.S. House and Senate and the President’s Commission on Space. She is an official Advisor to the Peoples Republic of China and has traveled extensively worldwide, including numerous trips to Russia, since the seventies, working around the clock to ban space-based weapons. Carol is Space Commissioner for the World Service Authority. She is planning to move to Ecuador in 2005 to continue her work to get the world Space Preservation Treaty signed into law by UN Member Nation leaders, and to include indigenous First Nation leaders in this process. Carol has received many awards including an award from the United Societies in Space, USIS, the Space Humanitarian Award for her 30 years of dedication and volunteer service to Humanity for the Making of a Peaceful Space Faring Society. Carol is forming a network who will focus on gathering world leaders to sign the World Space Preservation Treaty in 2005, companion to the Space Preservation Act, that will ban ALL space-based weapons, stimulate a real peacetime economy (provide a new economic stimulus package that is not based on wars…but on space without weapons in space), and create a world cooperative security system (without space-based weapons) based on worldwide enhanced communication and information sharing that will benefit all humankind. Rosin has developed a win-win new Space Age paradigm vision and a Plan of Action that will cause “second order” REAL change. Carol is known for having started the Campaign to Save Outer Space, the Leaky Umbrella Campaign, and the Campaign to Stop Star Wars, and for her work to maintain a weapons-free civil, commercial, entrepreneurial and military space program that will replace the war program in an all inclusive cross-cultural manner with acknowledgement of all perspectives, everyone on different places on the path, and with respect for all sacred life on earth and in space.

Broadcast 236 (Special Edition)

Dr. Carol Rosin, an expert on the militarization of space and transforming military space to commercial space, economic and job stimulation and more was the guest on this Space Show Program. As a result of keen interest in this topic and the questions/listener participation, this was an extra long program, nearly two hours. The entire program is archived. Dr. Rosin began her discussion by defining the subject, what is meant by terms such as the militarization of space, weapons in space, and what is available in space now versus what might soon be in place in space.

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