Dr. Bruce Lusignan

Dr. Bruce Lusignan and the Stanford students mentioned above discuss the Stanford-Mars Program, space development programs in China and elsewhere, the European Small Satellite university programs. Dr. Lusignan and these students specialize in these Stanford and international programs in the space field and how best to work toward expanding space commerce. Professor Lusignan is also an expert regarding the militarization of space, including weapons in space. He has special interests in satellites, reusable launch vehicles (RLVs), space commerce, and space tourism.

Broadcast 121

Professor Bruce Lusignan Director of the Stanford Communications Satellite Planning Center and the Stanford Center for International Cooperation in Space, along with students Brett Allard, Arnt Hein, and Luca Derosa, discuss the Stanford-Russian Mars study program, the Europe Small Satellite Program for universities, the NATO Science and Peace Program and the Moon Program. Professor Lusignan also talks about the Clementine 2 mission and the Mars Challenge with the Russians.

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