Dr. Brad Edwards

Dr. Bradley Carl Edwards, received his Ph.D. in Physics in 1990, spent 11 years as a staff member at Los Alamos National laboratory (LANL) leading advanced technology efforts for lunar missions, optical cryocooler development , detector system development astrophysical satellites, and a Europa orbiter mission. Since leaving LANL, Dr. Edwards has led development of the space elevator, organized three conferences and been on organizing committees for five others, led a research staff of 70 people at the Institute for Scientific Research, written the definitive book on the space elevator, and is President and founder of Carbon Designs to develop high-strength materials. He has over 50 publications with three books and 8 papers in the works, over 30 invited talks, letter of commendation from the DoE, and his work has appeared on the cover of Discover, Science News, Ad Astra, as well as large articles in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, and multiple times on CNN and BBC. Dr. Edwards has expertise in project management, business management, space hardware, space systems, astrophysics, planetary physics, systems engineering, multiple computer languages, and cryogenics among others.

Broadcast 844 (Special Edition)

Dr. Brad Edwards and Carla Sabotta were the guests for this Space Show program focusing on the space elevator. Please be advised that due to extremely wet weather in the Seattle area and the Bay Area, plus the use of cell phones, there is unavoidable phone line noise on this program. We started the program with Dr. Edwards providing us with an update on the climber games that were held in Salt Lake City. Brad explained the various teams, the technology being used, what happened to the contestants, and more.

Broadcast 547 (Special Edition)

Dr. Brad Edwards returned to The Space Show to discuss energy issues from space, SSP, alternative energy, and of course to update us on the space elevator. The first part of the program focused on space solar power and the need to be starting the development of an SSP test station along with other alternative energy programs given the long lead time to the establishment of commercial working alternative energy systems. Dr.

Broadcast 75 (Special Edition)

Dr. Brad Edwards, The Space Elevator. Dr. Edwards explains the space elevator concept which is a revolutionary low-cost proposal for moving people and payloads into Earth orbit and then outward into space. His discussion includes mention of Eureka Scientific, the company aiding researchers with their space elevator efforts, along with explaining the concept of the "ribbon" which will stretch 62,000 miles from Earth to space, anchored here on Earth to an offshore sea floating platform near the equator in the South Pacific. In addition, Dr.

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