Dr. Al Differ

Dr. Al Differ is an active partner with JP Aerospace where he serves as the Director of Analysis. JP Aerospace is a privately held company with a large volunteer force with the objective of revolutionizing space access and making it affordable to everyone. Dr. Differ also serves on the Board of Directors for the Space Frontier Foundation and as Project Manager for their Frontier Files Online project. In addition, Dr. Differ runs an independent project under Interworld Transport with the purpose of creating a detailed solar sail simulation application for use by enthusiasts, scientists, and technology developers in studying designs and flights of real solar sails in the inner solar system. Dr Differ's. degree is from the Department of Physics at the University of California at Davis, CA.

Broadcast 158 (Special Edition)

Dr. Al Differ, the Director of Analysis with JP Aerospace and a member of the Board of Directors for the Space Frontier Foundation, was the guest for The Space Show for this program. Dr. Differ discusses balloon launches, space access, the importance of space advocacy and how to make it work, various aspects of space policy, solar sails and related technology, space profitability, markets, and space organizations. We also discussed the economics of space policy and development.

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