Don Scott

Don Scott has an undergraduate degree in history and a Master of Arts in Education, both from San Francisco State University; and I hold a lifetime Secondary Teaching credential in California. I am happy to note that mine was one of the test cases considered by the University to fight the “Rafferty Loyalty Oath;” the oath was defeated. After graduation, I worked as a high school and college teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area, as a California State Park Ranger, as a National Park Ranger in Montana, Wyoming, and California, and as the NASA traveling educator for several western states. Other jobs have included cab driving, delivery driving, and computer consulting. I am currently writing a biography of George R. Stewart. George R. Stewart was the author of Storm, the first ecological novel (and the book from which we get the practice of naming storms), Ordeal By Hunger, Names on the Land, and many other innovative and influential books. Wallace Stegner, who won the Pulitzer Prize, and who was Stewart’s friend, wrote that “He was a much more important author than the general public knew.” Honors include awards for blood donation, commendations from NASA Education and the National Park Service, listing in Who’s Who in America and other Who’s Who publications, and selection as Guest Writer at the Wallace Stegner Boyhood Home, in Eastend, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Broadcast 602 (Special Edition)

Don Scott was the guest for this Sunday Space Show program. As a former NASA education specialists, Don was able to provide us with first hand field information about space education in schools and with kids and teachers of all ages. His stories and experiences are very valuable and can help us all in our education outreach programs for developing space and properly funding our public space program. In his work, he did many interesting things such as visit schools in Montana with a demo International Space Station (ISS).

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