Diane Murphy

Diane Murphy is a senior executive with a unique portfolio of achievement in designing and implementing marketing, communications, education, issue management and public outreach campaigns for private industry, the federal government, US Congress, political candidates, entrepreneurial startups, non-profits and academic institutions. She has served as a congressional press secretary, political campaign operative, CEO and president of aWashington DC public relations firm, and led marketing communications efforts for two $30B+ aerospace corporations, EADS and Northrop Grumman, X PRIZE Foundation and entrepreneurial aerospace company, Space X. In support of campaigns, Murphy has written and produced films, media news segments, websites, civic and community events, as well as corporate and non-profit branding and educational activities. Murphy is Chairman and CEO of Federal City Communications Corporation, a consulting firm she founded to provide communications and public affairs strategies for aerospace, defense, telecommunications and entertainment companies. Clients have included: Motorola, Iridium, BT Broadcast Services, Lockheed Martin, National Air and Space Museum, IMAX, Space Imaging, Earth Observation Satellite Company, Northrop Grumman, INTELSAT, WorldSpace, Ibiquity Digital Radio, and Army Times Publishing, including the initial marketing strategies and operations for both Defense News, and Space News. In the mid-1990s, she consulted for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) organizing media interviews for the Secretary General on the issue of expansion of NATO. Ms. Murphy also has served as Executive Vice President of the X PRIZE Foundation, a non-profit using competitions to create innovative breakthroughs in exploration, energy and environment, life sciences and social entrepreneurship. Currently, Murphy is on contract to the Department of Energy as a senior consultant to the Under Secretary of Energy, Assistant Secretary, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary and Deputy Assistant Secretaries of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE). She is responsible for advice, analysis and strategic planning on a broad range of programs and issues pertaining to workforce development, and education and training with a primary focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy. In this position, she also serves as the liaison to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and other federal agencies with programs related to energy education and workforce. As Vice President of Marketing Communications for EADS North America, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) and Director, Northrop Grumman, Murphy was responsible for all media relations, employee and external communications, speechwriting, marketing, communications, exhibits, website, and film. She has supported campaigns for UAVs, aircraft, satellites,spacecraft, launch vehicles, telecommunications, laser programs and defense/reconnaissance systems.Murphy began her career on Capitol Hill as a press secretary to the House Minority Leader. Subsequently, she worked for a Washington campaign consultancy, where she managed media and political advertising campaigns for more than 30 campaigns. She is a member of the National Press Club and serves as a Trustee of the X PRIZE Foundation, Washington Space Business Roundtable, California Space Authority, and Dashew International Center for Students and Scholars at UCLA. A native Californian, Ms. Murphy was educated at Friends Academy in Locust Valley, NY, Northwestern University and studied in the former Soviet Union, before receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgetown University in the School of Foreign Service. She resides in Washington, DC and Manhattan Beach, CA.

Broadcast 1371 (Special Edition)

Guest: Diane Murphy. Topics: Rocket Racing League (RRL). We welcomed Diane Murphy of the Rocket Racing League (www.rocketracingleague.com) to the show. In our first segment, Ms. Murphy talked about the Rocket Racing League, what it is, what it has done so far and it what it will be doing in the future. She explained the air frame and the rocket engine and told us about the manufacturers of each. She also said that the air frame structure determines the performance of the vehicle, not the rocket motor.

Broadcast 1015 (Special Edition)

Guests: Diane Murphy, VP of Marketing and Communications, and Max Vozoff, Senior Mission Manager, both for SpaceX, were the guests for the first segment of this AIAA Space 2008 program in San Diego, CA. We start this first segment talking with Diane about the new developments with SpaceX and her joining the company as VP of Marketing and Communications. We then turned our focus to Max to talk with us about Falcon 1, Falcon 9, Dragon, and COTS. Max answered many technical questions and provided us with much information.

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