Dennis Wingo

Dennis Wingo is the author of the recently published book, "Moonrush: Improving Life on Earth with the Moon's Resources." He was a founder of Orbital Recovery Corporation and CEO/President of Skycorp, Inc. He is a 22-year veteran of the computer, academic, and space communities and was an integral force in the use of commercial systems for use in space and flew the first MacIntosh on the Space Shuttle as experiment controller. Orbital Recovery Corporation is developing a way to extend the life of satellites by up to ten years or more and SkyCorp Inc. has developed a patented approach to the development of highly capable spacecraft manufactured on orbit on the Space Shuttle or International Space Station. SkyCorp has also qualified payloads for flight to the station via the Russian Soyuz vehicle, one of which was used in the filming of a commercial last year for the American retailer Radio Shack. Mr. Wingo received his degree in Engineering Physics at the University of Alabama in Huntsville where he won honors for his academic publications and for his unique approach to small satellite development.

Broadcast 858 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dennis Wingo. NOTE: At the end of this archived program are two Earth & Sky segments that are relative for the dates Dec. 23 and Dec. 24, 2007 regarding the Earth, our Moon, and Mars. I am sure you will find them of interest. Dennis Wingo was the guest for this Space Show program which focused on his Dec. 10, 2007 SpaceRef article entitled "Taking it to the Streets (Space That is): Problems with NASA's Return to the Moon Plan" (

Broadcast 827 (Special Edition)

This program is brought to you as a courtesy by the Space Studies Department at the University of North Dakota. It is a recording of my class held here in Grand Forks, ND on Nov. 7, 2007 regarding how to achieve a lower cost to orbit/space. Dennis Wingo was the guest speaker for this class and was speaking by telephone to my class. Special thanks to Dr. David J. Whalen, Department Head of Space Studies here at UND for permission to place this class recording on The Space Show website as an archived program. Mr.

Broadcast 763 (Special Edition)

This Golden Oldie Space Show programs features Leonard David from October 2001 and Dennis Wingo from November 2001. When you hear what they said back then, go back in time with them as they were both on just after 9/11. Do a comparison with then and now. How have things changed, where has the progress been, where are we stagnating based on these two interviews. Your feedback is always welcome. Remember, these older programs were one hour shows on the old Phoenix station and each show had commercial breaks at 15 minute intervals.

Broadcast 614 (Special Edition)

Dennis Wingo returned to the program to discuss the importance of space vision, politics, national security, and the politics of limitation and reduced technology. This program provides listeners with a thorough analysis of the importance of space in supporting the future of humanity. Its largely a big picture vision program though we did talk about specific projects and subjects. For example, Dennis explained why from his analysis, low cost access to LEO is not that important in furthering space commerce.

Broadcast 418 (Special Edition)

Dennis Wingo returned to The Space Show for this program. We discussed on orbit construction and its economics, its applications, and how to do it profitably with the private sector. We also discussed heavy lift, its application with the Vision regarding returning to the Moon and going on to Mars. Dennis also brought to our attention new developments and discoveries on the Moon regarding the findings and conclusions as stated in his recent book, "Moonrush. " Mr. Wingo stressed the need for visionary capitalists for developing segments of the space private sector.

Broadcast 270 (Special Edition)

Dennis Wingo returned to The Space Show to discuss his new book, "Moonrush: Improving Life on Earth with the Moon's Resources." Mr. Wingo shows how the Moon's resources can be used to solve energy problems here on Earth. During this thorough discussion, Mr. Wingo was asked about the ethics, environment, and "common heritage for mankind" issues pertaining to lunar economic development. Together with Dennis Wingo, we provided listeners a unique point of view, pointing out that the ethical course is to develop the resources and bring the resulting advantages to the people here on Earth.

Broadcast 161 (Special Edition)

Dennis Wingo, President of Skycorp, Inc. and Chief Technical Officer for Orbital Recovery Corporation, was the guest on The Space Show for this program. Mr. Wingo shared his thoughts with us regarding effective space advocacy, the importance of proper business planning for space business ventures, on orbit construction and repair and geo satellite life extension through his company Orbital Recovery Corporation. We also discussed the Chinese space program, military space, politics, and new technology such as nanotechnology. Mr.


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