David R. Moore

David R. Moore was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia after graduating college with degrees in Biology and Chemistry. He returned then to the US in 1987 to start his own business. Mr. Moore has been an avid follower of the space program and its activities since I was a small boy. He has written science fiction, is well versed in the subject having attended both space and science fiction conventions which has afforded him the opportunity to develop and fine tune his theories with other professionals in both fields. Mr. Moore has attended the well known Contact Convention held yearly at NASA Ames and was a participant in the Epona project which is probably the most complete attempt at alien world building. We will be discussing space and the science fiction relation, planet finding, Pluto, and much more.

Broadcast 550 (Special Edition)

David Moore was the guest for this program which explores the relationship between space and science fiction. During the discussion, Mr. Moore talked about myths that connect sci-fi with space and the marketing of space through sci-fi which can often lead to expectations based on fantasy and then disappointment. He talked about space as a frontier and the frontier's place in science fiction writing. As a result of listener questions, he connected dots with space exploration and science fiction. We talked about space and science fiction in Europe as well as Russia.

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