David Ashford

David Ashford graduated from Imperial College in aeronautical engineering and spent one year at Princeton doing post-graduate research on rocket motor combustion instability. His first job, starting in 1961, was with the Hawker Siddeley Aviation spaceplane design team. He has worked as an aerodynamicist, project engineer or project manager on various aerospace projects, including DC-8, DC-10, Concorde, the Skylark sounding rocket, and several naval missile and electronic warfare systems. He co-authored with Prof. Patrick Collins the first serious book on space tourism ‘Your Spaceflight Manual - How You Could be a Tourist in Space Within Twenty Years’, Headline 1990, and wrote a follow-up book ‘Spaceflight Revolution’, published by Imperial College Press early in 2002.

Broadcast 352 (Special Edition)

David Ashford, Managing Director for Bristol Spaceplanes in the UK, was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Ashford addressed many of the issues relating space planes, why NASA and the aerospace industry do not build them, and how they could be built, using the Bristol model, for lower cost space access. Visit the Bristol website at www.bristolspaceplanes.com to see the evolutionary step by step approach Mr. Ashford has designed to go from a basic suborbital space plane to a mature orbital space plane.

Broadcast 123 (Special Edition)

David Ashford is Managing Director of Bristol Spaceplanes Limited, a spaceplane and space tourism consultancy with plans to develop the Ascender sub-orbital spaceplane. Mr. Ashford discusses space tourism, the use of reusable launch vehicles, both orbital and suborbital, his X-Prize entry, the Ascender Suborbital Vehicle, barriers to affordable space access, and space policy by government space agencies such as those in Europe and NASA. Mr.


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