David A. Dunlop

Most of my adult life was spent in mental hospitals. I did have the keys however because I started out as a social worker in the Illinois Department of Mental Health and then spent most of my time during my four and a half year career in Ill DMH as an administrator of hospital and community programs. I continued this career for almost twenty years as an administrator in the Brown County Wisconsin ( Green Bay Wisconsin) Community Human Service Department. until 1993. Subsequently I was involved in organizing the Wisconsin Space Business Roundtable working with George French, Peter Kokh, and others. In 1995 I was the first Program Director for the Rockets for Schools Program in Wisconsin developed out of the Wisconsin Space Business Roundtable, and which launched the First Super Loki rocket over Restricted Military Operation Area 6903 in Lake Michigan and created a student sport rockets competition and space organization fair in Sheboygan Wisconsin. (This program has continued for going on 12 years now, although I am no longer connected) I subsequently worked for Michigan Technological University expanding the Rockets for Schools Program in Michigan and establishing a a second launching site for student sports rockets in Muskegon Michigan also with other supporting Michigan organizations. I subsequently also worked for a NASA Contractor: Michigan Technic Corp. which was developing an electrodynamic tether satellite and doing their educational and outreach work essentially expanding the sport rocket outreach program in SW Michigan. After funding terminated for the Michigan Technic Project I did some substitute teaching in the Chicago Public Schools and pursued a Master's Degree in Middle School Science Teaching at the University of Illinois receiving my degree in May 2005. I moved back to Green Bay, WI in May 2005 where 2 of my three sons are located, where I have devoted a share of my time to the Moon Society as Director of Project Development, working on planning the Lunar Track with the National Space Society ISDC conferences for 2007 and 2008 and the working to develop a "University of Luna Project". I am also involved in some real estate development work, and some science education project activity in a Charter School in Chicago. Now I hope this will serve as a summary of my working career and it should be clear that I am not presenting myself as a technical expert of any sort but as an "activist" especially in education and outreach and as an amateur observer of the space scene especially as it relates to the Moon. My views of the new Moon race are simply those of an interested generalist observer taking note of publicly available information and attending some conferences not as an industry insider, a NASA or government connected contractor, or as someone with either professional scientific or engineering, or economic credentials. I try to comprehend the "big picture" and try to identify ideas and projects of potential for both education, and public outreach, and public policy. So I think I am representative of many of the members of organizations such as NSS or the Moon Society, or Space Frontier Foundation.

Broadcast 920 (Special Edition)

Guest: David Dunlop, the Director of Project Development for The Moon Society (www.moonsociety.org), was the guest for this special two hour program. We started our discussion talking with David about why we should be returning to the Moon rather than going to Mars or a NEO. Listen to what he says and see if you agree. Also, would you go to the Moon to have a McDonalds' hamburger for lunch? He invites one of our listeners to do this and you will want to hear this somewhat playful discussion as well.

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