David A. Broniatowski

David André Broniatowski, originally from Cleveland Heights, OH, is a PhD student in MIT's Engineering Systems Division. He has an undergraduate degree and a masters degree in aerospace engineering from MIT, as well as a masters degree from MIT's Technology and Policy Program. He is also a graduate of the International Space University Summer Session Program, held in 2004 in Adelaide Australia. David has worked at the Center for Strategic and International Studies' Human Space Exploration Initiative, the XPrize Foundation, NASA Headquarters, and the Avidyne Corporation. In addition to his interests in domestic and international space policy, David is also interested in hospital operating room processes, and methodologies for modeling large-scale complex systems. At the AIAA Space 2006 Conference, David presented a most interesting paper titled “Political Sustainability in Space Exploration Architectures.”

Broadcast 646 (Special Edition)

David A. Broniatowski was the guest for this first Space Show program of 2007. Given that David is a PhD student at MIT, we started the interview by asking David for a student's perception of the VSE, NASA, and the private space program. This initial discussion opened up into a wider discussion about students, voting, space issues, professors, careers and much much more. This discussion is a must and absolutely the best way possible to start the year out on The Space Show!

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