Dave Masten

David’s longtime passion for lowering the barriers of space access led him to develop experimental rocket propulsion systems long before he started Masten Space Systems in 2004, and that passion continues to drive him today. As Chief Technology Officer, David leads the development of Masten’s next-generation reusable vehicles and continues to detail the technology roadmap for the company. David’s role with small launch vehicle operations has solidified his place as a leading expert in developing reusable launch vehicles that are operated by a small team. In addition to his role as visionary for Masten, David continues to contribute to operations procedures, software development, safety systems design, and safety analysis, among other areas.

Prior to starting Masten Space Systems, David acquired extensive experience in software development working in IT networking and software startups. This experience and pace informs his unique approach to the development of reusable launch vehicles. David has served as President and has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society.

Broadcast 669 (Special Edition)

Dave Masten and Michael Mealling were the special guests for this program which focused on the entrepreneurial company, Masten Space Systems (www.masten-space.com). Michael began the discussion by providing us with introductory information about Masten Space Systems, then he told us about their exclusive program, SodaSat. You can fly your own payload including your own scientific experiment on their rocket in a container such as a soda can or larger. Check it out at their website.

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