Daniel Suarez

Daniel Suarez is a New York Times bestselling author, TEDGlobal speaker, and former systems analyst whose unique brand of high-tech fiction explores the causes and impacts of rapid technological change. The author of seven novels, he has a track record of anticipating what's next, and his latest book, Critical Mass brings readers on a daring journey to the new frontier of private space exploration. Second book in the Delta-v series, Critical Mass realistically portrays humanity's urgent transition from an Earthbound to a spacefaring civilization -- and brings home why that's critical to our future.  He lives in Los Angeles, California.


Broadcast 3987 Daniel Suarez

Guest:  Daniel Suarez;  Topics:  We discussed Daniel's new book, "Critical Mass" in addition to many of the issues, technologies, problems, laws and regs plus economics needed to master for commercial asteroid mining to take place and make the differences for humanity suggested in the book and by our discussion.

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