Daniel Asturias

Daniel Asturias recently Graduated from high school and is now a freshman at the University of Texas, Austin. Daniel and his teammate formed HarwellAsturias Labs and won 1st place in the renewable energy category of the 2009 Spirit of Innovation Awards. Daniel's innovative product was for the MotGen system, a motionless hydrothermal vent generator that could help supply our energy needs through a renewable source. Daniel's team has recently submitted a patent application for the MotGen system.

Broadcast 1230 (Special Edition)

Guests: Josh Neubert, Aaron Rusheen, Daniel Asturias. Topics: Spirit of Innovation Awards Program, Conrad Foundation, how to get an outstanding high school education. Today's Space Show program featured The Conrad Foundation and their Spirit of Innovation Awards ( http://www.conradawards.org ) for this year. Two first place winners were our guests, Aaron Rusheen who created the Final Frontier Apparel Company and Daniel Asturias who created the MotGen System. Also with us was the Conrad Foundation Executive Director, Josh Neubert.

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