Dan Schlund

Dan is our newest Rocketbelt pilot. Dan joined the Powerhouse team in October of 2000 to begin the lengthy training program. He successfully completed his training July 2005 and since been performing Rocketbelt performances throughout. To date Dan has well over 100 flights under his belt, literally. When he is not actually flying, Dan handles the duties and responsibilities of Director of Operations for Powerhouse Productions Incorporated. The Rocketman’s parent company. Dan grew up in Valencia, California. He started his laundry list of stunt skills at age 4 when he began riding dirt bikes, shooting guns and rock climbing. He has been involved in theatre and film since junior high school. Dan has spent the several years of his career performing, managing and producing live actions stunt shows around the world. Dan's outgoing personality and love of performance made him the perfect man to play Batman, Indiana Jones and wide range of other funny and serious characters. These years of playing various superhero's has prepared Dan for the challenges and responsibilities associated with being the worlds only Rocketman. Dan loves to meet the audience, share his Rocketbelt experience and sign autographs. His youthful enthusiasm and ambition have paved the way to his current position in the stunt industry. Dan is a professional stuntman, actor, and member of the Screen Actors Guild. Besides the Rocketbelt, Dan’s specialties include high falls, fire burns, rappelling, precision driving and MC/Announcing! In addition to Dan’s vast stunt experience, Dan has worked as an EMT aboard ambulances running emergency 911 calls in the Los Angeles area and worked on numerous movies as a set medic. Dan has been a licensed pyrotechnican since 1991 in California and recently obtained his special effects license in Texas. Dan has been an operator in charge of pyrotechnics both nationally and internationally, from public display 4th of July shows to theatrical pyrotechnic effects for pop stars and celebrities. His attention to safety and quality are exceptional. Dan is an accomplished rock climber, Advanced Scuba Diver and is working toward his Skydiving AFF certifications…and, of course, he still loves riding motorcycles and using firearms. A list of credits, pictures and other such information may be found on his personal website at www.stuntdan.com.

Broadcast 652 (Special Edition)

Rocketman (Dan Schlund) was the guest for this special Space Show program. Rocketman (Dan) puts on a rocket belt/pack, and blasts off flying with a rocket to entertain crowds, students, everyone. In talking to Dan for this two hour show, we learned a lot about rockets, flying with one, about being a stuntman, and even about professional fireworks displays. Dan talked about fear with the rocket belt and how fear is useful, even necessary. We extrapolated much of what he said about fear and rockets to astronauts riding the rocket and also to the developing space tourism industry.

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