Cynda Collins Arsenault

Cynda Collins Arsenault is President and co-founder of the Secure World Foundation. Cynda and her husband, Marcel Arsenault started this foundation in order to work towards a secure world where war has become obsolete by the end of this century. They are currently focusing on preserving the mandate for the peaceful use of outer space by developing new global systems for sustainable space. Cynda has been active in grass roots organizing and community building since the 1960s working on ways to build a secure and sustainable future for the children of the world. She has been involved for many years in promoting opportunities for people with developmental disabilities and has authored two books on this subject entitled: Let's Get Together: A Handbook in Support of Building Relationships Between Individuals with Developmental Disabilities and Their Community, and When Do I Get Some Time for Me?: A Parent's 'Make it Happen' Handbook for Finding and Using Respite Care and Other Supports For Their Children and Youth with Special Needs. She received her BA in Sociology and Psychology at University of California Berkeley and earned her Masters Degree in Education from Colorado State University. Cynda lives in Superior, Colorado with her husband, Marcel, and has two adult children, Erin and John.

Broadcast 1318 (Special Edition)

Guest: Cynda Collins Arsenault; Topics: Secure World Foundation (SWF), space community organization, space security. Cynda Collins Arsenault was the guest for this program to discuss the formation of Secure World Foundation, space security, and other relevant and related topics. In our first segment, Ms. Arsenault told us about her reaction to hearing JFK talking about putting men on the Moon and that she wanted to go to space on airline flights to the Moon.

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