Cristina T. Chaplain

Ms. Chaplain T. Chaplain currently serves as a Director, Acquisition and Sourcing Management, at the U.S. Government Accountability Office. She has responsibility for GAO assessments of military space acquisitions, NASA, and the Missile Defense Agency. Recent topics she has covered include evolved expendable launch vehicle acquisitions, utilization of the international space station, and space situational awareness. In addition to her work on space and missile system development, Ms. Chaplain has led a variety of contracting-related and best practice evaluations for the GAO, such as reviews covering revolving door concerns, terminations of programs, conflicts of interest, and program management best practices. Before her current position, Ms. Chaplain worked with GAO’s financial management and information technology teams. Ms. Chaplain has been with the GAO for 21 years. She received a bachelor's degree, magna cum laude, in International Relations from Boston University and a Masters Degree in Journalism from Columbia University. She is a native of the DC area and has 2 sons, ages 7 and 11.

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