Constance Adams

Constance Adams is a NASA consultant and space architect, and a National Geographic Emerging Explorer. Constance Adams is one of a growing number of architects who have worked at NASA in recent years on human systems, that is, the usable design of spacecraft and space missions. Having studied sociology at Harvard and received a Masters of Architecture from Yale, she spent two years apprenticing with Kenzo Tange Associates in Tokyo and an additional four years working on commercial and master planning projects in Berlin before landing at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. In the fourteen years that she has been practicing space architecture, she has developed designs for a wide array of projects, including a Crew Return Vehicle, two Mars surface habitats, a transit spacecraft [TransHab] for planetary exploration, and the Orbital Space Plane. She also had a good deal of experience with ground and flight operations, including work on planning and design for ground facilities like the Virgin Galactic Terminal Hangar Facility at Spaceport America, establishing the global ISS requirements for ground processing of space-bound cargo, and flight console and operations experience supporting payloads (NASA payloads for STS-107) and Visiting Vehicle Launch Package (HTV) functions during active flight and on-orbit crew operations phases. She has worked on design of crew hardware items for the International Space Station, including the ISS Crew Healthcare System. With her design firm, Synthesis, Ms. Adams is currently working on a process for organic systems integration in terrestrial architecture that includes sustainable buildings as well as industrial design; the Space Foundation has awarded her firm’s work with two Space Certifications and commissioned Synthesis to develop a sustainable rooftop wastewater treatment system for their Colorado headquarters. Adams has lectured widely and developed a special curriculum on the design issues related to space tourism; she is working on a book about commercial spaceflight.

Broadcast 1470 (Special Edition)

Guest: Constance Adams. Topics: Life support systems, space education, investment in space & technology. Please note that you are invited to comment, ask questions, and rate this program on the new Space Show blog, We welcomed back to the show Constance Adams to discuss space architecture, closed loop life support systems, space policy and technology, and space investment. As we started our first segment, Ms. Adams said we were getting closer to true closed life support systems.

Broadcast 610 (Special Edition)

Constance Adams returned to The Space Show for this special program. The theme of this program was reality check. Ms. Adams is a specialist in designing closed loop systems for space, space stations, future settlements, etc. We went into depth about what is required for a closed loop system, what our state of the art is today, what is needed for the future, what our problems and issues are and how these problems are solved. We also talked about evolving new technologies in the field, the politics of all this, funding issues, and NASA and the VSE. Ms.

Broadcast 206 (Special Edition)

Constance Adams, NASA consultant and space architect, was the guest on this edition of The Space Show. Ms. Adams began by discussing architecture and its relevance to space habitats and construction. We discussed the influence of space architecture on possible lunar and Mars settlements, and if the state of advancement and capabilities of this industry matched the timing of plausible lunar business ventures or the Bush policy initiative calling for a return to the Moon to stay. Ms.

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