Chuck Walker

Mr. Walker is the author of the newly released Apogee book, "Atlas, The Ultimate Weapon. " Mr. Walker was a key participant in the Atlas program from 1953-1963 with the prime contractor, Convair-Astronautics (later General Dynamics). Mr. Walker began his career with Convair in 1945 as an aircraft test engineer, later moving to the Test Planning Group of Atlas in 1953. He then served as manager of Program Planning Control for Atlas from August 1958- to June 1963. In his role of establishing the schedules of all work done at Convair-Astronautics, Mr. Walker came to know personally many of the people who were responsible for running the Atlas program. It was those people that Walker approached to tell the story of the Atlas program in their own words. Mr. Walker is now retired and lives in Loveland, Colorado.

Broadcast 351 (Special Edition)

Chuck Walker, author of "Atlas: The Ultimate Weapon," was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Walker began the interview by letting us know why the Atlas ICBM was the ultimate weapon and why it was so important for both the military and the early days of our space program, including Project Mercury. We talked about the various versions of the Atlas, its stainless steel components and construction, it safety record, Mercury astronauts and their flights, the use of a Russian engine in a 90's version of the Atlas, and much more.


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