Chuck Lauer

Mr. Lauer is a graduate of the University of Michigan College of Architecture & Urban Planning. He is a co-founder and Vice president of Business Development for Rocketplane Kistler Inc. He is also a successful real estate consultant and developer, and the President of Peregrine Properties, Ltd. in Lansing, Michigan. In that capacity, Lauer has been responsible for negotiating, obtaining regulatory approvals and arranging financing for over $350 million in successful real estate development projects. He has spent over 15 years researching potential business opportunities in space and was an advisor and contributor in this area to the landmark 1993 NASA / aerospace industry Commercial Space Transportation Study. He has published numerous general interest articles and technical papers on commercial space development. Mr. Lauer has been a consultant to Boeing and NASA on commercial space station development, a participant in the NASA New Space Industries Workshops, a member of the NASA / KPMG Commercial Space Ventures Advisory Team, and was a member of the Board of Directors of the Space Transportation Association’s Space Travel & Tourism Division. He is an Advocate and a member of the Board of Advisors of the Space Frontier Foundation.

Broadcast 881 (Special Edition)

Guest: This is a Golden Oldie Program featuring John Spencer of the Space Tourism Society from August 15, 2001, immediately followed by Chuck Lauer from Pioneer Rocketplane (the predecessor to what is now known as Rocketplane Global) and the Oklahoma Spaceport from Christmas, Dec. 25, 2001. Compare and contrast both of these programs with the very recent appearances of each guest on The Space Show. Their most recent appearances were on Dec 30 2007 (John Spencer) and on October 28, 2007 (Chuck Lauer).

Broadcast 633 (Special Edition)

Chuck Lauer returned to The Space Show for this special program to discuss Rocketplane-Kistler and more. We started our discussion with Chuck asking him about some of his past innovative ideas for recreational space development. This led Chuck to telling us how he got interested in space and a listener asked him about his preference regarding the regulatory world of real estate versus developing a space ship. The listener wanted to know if Chuck preferred working with a zoning commission or AST. Guess what his answer was!

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