Christine Purcell

Christine Purcell is the Associate Director of the Supplier Network, Manufacturing and Industry Workforce Develompent at the California Space Authority, Inc. (CSA), a non-profit corporation founded to promote and advocate the continuing development and growth of California's Space Enterprise community, responsible for project management of several WIRED (Workforce Transformation: Innovation Support, Industrial Rejuvenation, Talent Development) program initiatives, previously a CSA industry member of the SEAC (Space Enterprise Advisory Council) and Manufacturing and Workforce Development Collaborative Working Groups.Ms. Purcell graduated from the University of Illinois with a B.S. in Industrial Psychology, also completing the Business Administration curriculum, and extensive MBA coursework at the University of Illinois and the University of Minnesota, and is certified by the national Human Resources Certification Institute as a Senior Professional in Human Resources. Christine began her career by establishing a Human Resources function at a small Californian manufacturer, also with responsibility for corporate policy, marketing and legal support. Focusing on marketing, she joined Control Data Corporation in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with marketing, and talent and organizational development responsibility, later transferring to Account Management in Los Angeles. For 25 years, Christine supported technology and manufacturing accounts while employed by three computing system integration companies, CDC, Digital Equipment Corporation (acquired by Compaq and subsequently by Hewitt-Packard), Silicon Graphics, Inc., and by three engineering consulting companies, Structural Dynamics Research Corporation, Aspen Technology, and Intercim, Inc., supporting process and discrete manufacturing clients on enterprise initiatives, requiring integration of people, processes and technology, including integrated product development, engineering analysis, supply chain management, process optimization and quality improvement. Clients included the National Energy Labs, The Boeing Company ( Hughes Aircraft and Rockwell International), Northrop Grumman Corporation (TRW), Aerojet, the USAF, The Aerospace Corporation, Chevron and several biotechnology clients. Ms. Purcell left industry for three years to teach science as a contractor, using her industry background to apply science to real word professions and excite students, reaching over 5000 K-12 students in several school districts, including LAUSD Clients also included the LA Housing Authority, LA County, the California Science Center, and several corporate child development centers. Ms. Purcell co founded and co managed a nonprofit for seven years, ScienceAlliance, a 503 (c) (3) entity of the Hermosa CSD, leveraging government, business and academic resources to increase student science and math interest and performance, increase community awareness of the importance of US technology investment for competitive global performance, and of the US Space Program's contribution to several Los Angles area industries, specifically telecommunications, entertainment, energy, and medical. Career focus on Human Resources , specifically talent assessment and development, standards; performance improvement; change management, organizational development; and human capital strategic planning led to a position for the past year as National Human Resources Programs Director for Kaiser Permanente Health Plan Administration, and as Sr. Human Resources Business Partner to the Benefits Administration business unit, responsible for supporting Kaiser's current and emerging products and markets.

Broadcast 1146 (Special Edition)

Guests: Responsive Space #7 Participants including Dr. Jim Wertz, Reda Anderson, Dr. John Jurist, Dr. Richard Van Allen, Ron, Nicola Sarzi Amade, Christine Purcell. Topics: Responsive Space, GPS, business education for space engineers. This Space Show program was live with live video streaming at the Westin Hotel for the Responsive Space Conference #7, April 28, 2009. We started the program with Dr. Jim Wertz coming to the microphone to talk about the status of responsive space, a report card analysis of responsive space, and much more. The discussion with Dr.

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