Chris Gillman

Chris Gillman is the founder of Global Effects, Inc. His company has grown to be a creative force in motion pictures, television, and the commercial industry as he and his crew developed the Actor Climate System which is also known as the Cool Suit. He has won industry awards for this suit. Space Suits are among the company's specialty wardrobe, make up effects, and props. Chris Gillman is the only source for realistic space suits built for actors and his suits are so realistic, the company that makes the real space suits at a cost of millions of dollars per suit asked Chris and Global Effects, Inc. to make copies for their displays! In addition to the traditional Apollo vintage space suits made by Chris Gillman, his company also makes futuristic space suits such as those used in the movies Armageddon, Space Cowboys, and Deep Impact. Visit the Global Effects website at to see not only their full line of space suit products, but the other props and hard to find specialty wardrobe items that this company manufactures and supplies to the film industry.

Broadcast 118 (Special Edition)

Chris Gillman, founder of Global Effects, Inc., makers of space suits for the entertainment industry is the guest on this edition of The Space Show. During the program, Mr. Gillman discusses space suits and their history, the different kinds of space suits and their purpose, how they are created and used in the film industry and much more. He also talks about how the actors work in them, and what they do with the suits once a film is completed. He also discusses other movie props that his company supplies, futuristic space suits, and different movie wardrobe items. Mr.


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